Celebrate Broadway’s Aladdin with an Aladdin-Themed Celebration

Last month, a musical version of Disney’s beloved Aladdin opened on Broadway.  By coincidence, I have at the same been hunting for props for our local middle school’s production of Aladdin, chosen as this year’s school musical.  In the midst of combing through genie lamps, brightly colored fabrics and magic carpets, I stumbled upon accessories available for those seeking to grace their special celebrations — birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties, what have you — with a fun Aladdin theme, as well.

First, consider place card holders that are miniature versions of one of those lamps one might find sitting out in a desert somewhere, just waiting to be discovered so the genie inside may be released to grant a master’s fondest wishes.  Grace your table with these, and you may even find a guest or two rubbing the lamps at their places, just in case.

Aladdin's Lamp Place Card Holder

Aladdin’s Lamp Place Card Holder

Carry this theme further with genie-lamp centerpieces that incorporate larger-sized genie-style lamps found online, most of which are actually meant for incense burning rather than genie housing.

Keep the theme going with vibrant colors — reds, golds, blues, purples, yellows, greens — that will evoke the feel of a sultan’s palace.  Of course carpets play a role here, as well.  A magic flying carpet would be ideal, but finding one may be a challenge.  If you happen to have a brightly colored rug or two, however, by all means make those part of the décor.  Further enhance the look by draping panels of brightly colored fabrics around the room. You can find these as remnants at fabric and craft stores; watch for weekly coupons, which can make them even more affordable.

Consider Gold Tealight Candle Holders to bring golden elegance to the table

Consider Gold Tealight Candle Holders to bring golden elegance to the table

Finish the look with ornate place settings, which need not break the bank, since you may be able to find paper and plastic versions painted gold, designed to mimic authentic 24-karat versions of tableware.

And, finally, if you’re a fan of the animals in Disney’s Aladdin (I am), you may want to bring tigers and monkeys and parrots into the mix, as well — especially if your celebration happens to be a baby shower or a child’s birthday party.   Now, I would advise against inviting a live tiger to join you (an homage to Jasmine’s Rajah — a personal favorite of mine), but if you happen to have a large stuffed tiger or a collection of small tigers (I do), consider placing them around the room as part of the décor, and/or offer toy tigers as favors.  Same goes for monkeys, in tribute to Aladdin’s best friend Abu, and parrots (villain Jafar’s sidekick, Iago).  Just use your imagination and bring the magic to the day.

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Just a Friendly Reminder: It’s the First Day of Spring!

Of course fall and winter can be gorgeous times of year for weddings, especially when combined with the holidays (and their commensurate gorgeous colors) that come with them, but we have to admit that spring and summer remain the two classic, and often preferred, wedding seasons for many a bride and groom.


Evergreen Planter Place Card/Photo Holder

It’s been a long, hard winter for much of the United States, and in some areas, winter still rages.  But with hope springing eternal, please be reminded that today marks the first day of spring.  For those brides and grooms that are looking to make the colors, warmth and, yes, even showers of spring the backdrop for their special day, it’s time to get inspired and time to get planning.


Love Birds Salt and Pepper Shaker Favors

Whether you find place card holders, wedding favors, flower-girl baskets or unity candles on your wedding shopping list, think flowers, birds, pastels, primaries and the beautiful green of spring, all of which can bring a breath of fresh air not only to the celebration itself, but even to the planning stages that lead to that celebration.  Many webstores that specialize in weddings and other special celebrations use this time of year to launch their new lines of “wedding season” products, so take advantage of that and browse through all the fresh new items that you and your would-be guests may not have seen before.  And most of all, in keeping with the spirit of season itself, enjoy the process!


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Welcome the Easter Bunny with Fun Favors, Too!

Easter is about a month away (April 20th, to be exact), so now is the time to think about any fun spring favors you might want to make a part of your Easter celebration, whether that be a family/friend get-together or an Easter egg hunt and party for the kids — or both!

First, think color.  The classic colors of Easter tend to lean toward the pastel end of the spectrum, colors that in turn represent the soft glowing colors of spring flowers, but so can bright primaries find a place on the Easter palette, as well.  Now, I will never forget an Easter party/egg hunt I attended with my kids when they were very young that took place in three feet of snow during a blizzard.  The dominant Easter color for that particular event was white, the overriding memory being a pack of parents and kids trudging through blowing snow and digging through snow drifts to find brightly colored, spring-motif eggs hiding within.

No matter what weather conditions you might expect for your particular Easter celebration, use your imagination to summon the spirit of spring — especially this year, when so many have dealt with legendary winter conditions.  Toward this noble goal, a new arrival this year on the spring favor landscape is the “Nestling” Natural Bird Nest Favor Holder, an adorable miniature nest that you can fill with whatever egg-shaped candy (or non-egg-shaped candy) you desire.

"Nestling" Natural Bird Nest Favor Holder

“Nestling” Natural Bird Nest Favor Holder

Think tiny chocolate eggs, Jordan almonds, jellybeans, or even M&Ms nestled into their nests as part of your place settings at the dining or craft table, or wrap each nest in colored cellophane and ribbon and hide them strategically for your courageous egg hunters to find.

Again, imagination is the key.  From candles to place card holders to keychains and bookmarks, you can find all manner of spring-themed favors that can work beautifully for any spring-themed Easter celebration: butterflies, bunnies, daisies and bees.  Bees, you say?  Yes, bees, perfect harbingers of spring that they are.  Consider, for example pairing pairs of cute bee candles with vibrant multi-colored butterfly keychains that might be appropriate any time of year.

A Cute Bee Pair

A Cute Bee Pair

Colorful Murano Glass Butterfly Keychain

Colorful Murano Glass Butterfly Keychain

Of course Easter isn’t only about bunnies and chocolate and egg hunts (and bees), and many lovely items are available that reflect the spiritual side of this special day, as well.  Lovely crosses, for example, of all shapes, sizes and materials can help commemorate the day and offer your guests a special memento to take home once the egg hunt and Easter brunch are done.

Elegant Cross Statues in Pink and in Blue

Pests that we are here at Her Wedding Favors, let us remind would-be party planners once more that when you are targeting a seasonal theme for your big event, especially when that event revolves around a holiday, the earlier you choose and purchase your items, the better chance you’ll have of finding them in stock and receiving them in time!  So start your planning now.

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Wine Bottle Stoppers: Favors Fit for a Frasier

‎As fans of the late great sitcom Frasier know — according to Frasier and his brother Niles, at least — fine wine is a mark of sophistication, of distinction, of utter Seattle snobbery.  But they also know, from the Crane brothers and, if fortunate, from their own experience, that it’s downright delicious.  So why not bring that air of sophistication, and the good taste that can come with it,  to your wedding reception by offering your guests wedding favors that revolve around the cultured mark of wine?


Butterfly Wine Bottle Stopper

It’s little wonder, then, that wine bottle stoppers are such popular wedding favors at any type of wedding, casual and formal alike.  Your guests not only receive a thoughtful, possibly custom-themed favor as a souvenir of your wedding, but they also take home a practical, useful item that can help them entertain their own guests at their own social events in the days to come.

Wine bottle stoppers are available in as many styles as there are theme ideas for weddings.  The designs range from  classically elegant to festive to artistic, and in materials that range from freeform splashes of glass to sculpted resin to sparkling crystal (and everything in between), all representing romance and the magic of eternal love.


Crystal Pumpkin Coach Bottle Stopper

So, yes, the sky’s the limit with what you will find available should you decide a wine bottle stopper will make the perfect souvenir for your wedding guests.


Elegant Snowflake Wine Bottle Stopper

Golf balls, calla lilies, seashells, dolphins, angels, snowflakes, butterflies and grape clusters: What they all have in common is that you are likely to find them atop wine bottle stoppers perfect for any celebration, evident in the samples we have found to show you here.

Are you designing, for example, a beach-themed wedding?  Perfect!  You’ll find seashells and starfish and dolphins and even sand-filled “snowglobe” style wind stoppers to accent your theme.   Are you looking to create a fairy tale celebration?  Perfect again.  Choose wine stoppers with castles, crowns or even a crystal pumpkin carriage Cinderella would envy.  Or consider stoppers you can personalize with your own photographs or artwork.  As an added bonus, most wine stopper favors are packaged individually, most with gift tags or with packaging that accommodates personalized tags that you can customize for your special day.


Starfish Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine stopper wedding favors can add a personal, as well as functional, touch to your wedding, at the same time contributing to a cultured atmosphere that appeals to wine lovers and would-be wine lovers alike.  The Crane boys would be proud.



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Calla Lily Candle Favors with Miniature Bouquets

‎Wedding accessories decorated with calla lilies, from favors to flower girl baskets to guest books to toasting flutes, are many a bride’s choice for expressing a romantic and memorable mood within the wedding celebration, and you will find them offered all over the Internet.  Thanks to the vast array of calla-lily-graced items available in this day and age, brides and their grooms can bring the whole day together with elegance and beauty simply by choosing the calla lily to adorn the walls, tables and accessories of their celebration.

Not only are calla lilies popular in wedding décor, so do they also provide a favored design on wedding favors, permitting guests to take a small token home from the festivities that evoke the spirit of the special day.  Consider, for example, these two enduring favorites that share a special feature: a tiny calla lily bouquet:


Elegance Vase Shaped Candle

First up, the Calla Lily Elegance Vase Shaped Candle, its tiny calla-lily bouquet tied with a silk ribbon to the graceful trumpet shape of the candle.  This, combined with the pure white color of the candle, mimics the grace and beauty of the calla lily itself.


Stunning Calla Lily Candle Favor

A tiny calla lily bouquet also graces the stunning calla lily design candle favor (at right) in a somewhat different style.  Here we find a white tealight candle cradled into a traditional white textured votive holder.  Wrapped around the candle holder is a white organza ribbon that holds in place the miniature bouquet of calla lilies, sculpted, as its name implies, in stunning detail.

Both of these adorable pieces come packaged in their own individual gift boxes, and, as we here at Her Wedding Favors can testify, those who make them as their calla lily favor of choice are typically thrilled when the little guys arrive (the wise bride orders a few extra for her own mementos).  What better way to incorporate these beautiful flowers into your wedding?  Indeed the combination of soft candle flame and the purity of calla lilies can create an essential ambiance of romance and tranquility, at the same time offering your guests a delicate “thank you” for sharing with you your special day.

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Chocolate Favors – A Sweet Gift

‎If you were asked to name something that everyone loves, something that in turn would make an ideal gift for just about everyone and anyone, what would you say?  Tough question, right?  Wrong!  Such a magical substance does indeed exist, and we all know the answer….



Almost everyone loves chocolate, considered by many to be the most luscious treat in the world.  So why not give chocolate as a wedding favor to the guests at your reception?  Your guests will be so grateful they came when they sink their teeth into the personalized chocolate bars and treats that you leave for FC6701them, as that chocolate releases its natural endorphins that loosen everyone up and set the stage for an amazing, high-energy celebration.

When planning a celebration of any kind, consider chocolate as a viable contender for favor status.  This can be a simple as throwing colorful foil-wrapped tid-bits on each table, to offering chocolate bars or candy tins personalized in a way to commemorate the event in a delicious, thus memorable way.  Guest FC4755can’t help but smile when offered, for example, a full-sized chocolate bar or candy tin with personalized wrapper boasting the names of the bride and groom and the date of their special day.  Given the chocolaty treats inside, this favor will prove to be both memorable and tasty.

Personalized chocolates can enhance the theme of your celebration and add some flavor to the party on your big day.  So go ahead and butter up your guests with the titillating taste of fine chocolate, and remember that chocolate favors aren’t just for weddings.  In addition to the many designs, colors and styles you will find — brides, grooms, bells and calla lilies — suppliers offer wrapper and tin designs perfect for all manner of celebrations, from birthday parties to christenings to bar mitzvahs to anniversaries to showers to graduations….the sky’s the limit, because, as we know, everyone loves chocolate.

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Meant to Bee Ceramic Honey Pot

Meant to Bee Honey PotBee-hold the sweetest little wedding favor around! Create a fabulous buzz among your guests with the “Meant to Bee” Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper. The pure-white, beehive-shaped honey pot has tiny black-and-yellow bees swarming around, and the wooden dipper inside is topped with a small, white, ceramic heart extending from a small notch in the pot.

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Flip-Flop Luggage Tags

Flip-Flop Luggage TagFlip-Flops and beaches go together like-well, like you and your groom-to-be! That’s why the Flip-Flop Luggage Tag is the wedding favor for you. It’s whimsical, wonderfully practical and a memory-maker well beyond your moment in the sun! The insole is a sky blue with yellow trim and faux “traction grooves.” Clear toe straps are adorned with a fanciful, white flower with purple and yellow accents for a chic look. On the other side is a yellow sole with a cut-out for the information card. A thin, clear, stretchable strap secures the tag to the luggage. Perfect for a destination wedding, the clear gift box contains a beautiful, beach scene-a sandy shore, deep-blue ocean, white clouds against a blue sky and the silhouette of a ship in the distance.

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Chrome Tuxedo Heart Corkscrew and Chrome Heart Wine Stopper

Cheers_to_a_Great_CombinationThis duo will add fun and flair to your wedding tables. With the Chrome Tuxedo Heart Corkscrew and Chrome Heart Wine Stopper, your Special Day will be remembered by all! A nice duo, this is the perfect item for the Bride and Groom and will be a cherished gift by your guests.

The Chrome Tuxedo Heart Corkscrew and Chrome Heart Wine Stopper comes in an attractive and decorative velvet lined black box with a clear top that is ready for gift giving! Dress your wedding tables out in style with the fine features in this set.

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